Crush cars hydrochloric acid tanker rollover caused one death

That the deceased son burst into tears after his father died. Municipal environmental protection department of the staff of the leak of hydrochloric acid concentrations were detected. Traffic police cars being crushed on the investigation. Photo

Southern Reporter Zhao Yanxiong News reporter Chen Xianling Southern white mist rising, pungent odor filled the air, yesterday 11:40, a tanker loaded with concentrated hydrochloric acid tea in the South Boulevard Light Road Interchange next turn roll, flattening a cars are. Flush blood pressure, the transfer of hydrochloric acid, cutting cars save lives, multi-sectoral efforts in more than four hours after the safe transfer of hydrochloric acid, car driver was killed.

hydrochloride flushing fire truck rollover buck

12:10 yesterday, the South is a reporter rushed to the scene, saw a rollover tractor tanker to the right, 10 ton tank tightly suppressed a wide following of the car, a white mist at Guankou slowly rising, fire officers and men to get uninterrupted water cannon to spray cold water Guankou.

Tea Light Road overpass following a car accident patrol officials first discovered the situation, cars

tanker rollover are hanging around the license plate, front license plate Maoming, Guangdong, KK 0468, license plate hanging below the . A lorry driver on the tanker, said he had just turned the front under the overpass, do not see in front of a car, he recalled, when a black car may be parked on the roadside, .

fire brigade rushed to the scene later and found the vehicle roll moment of momentum to Guankou damage, has been out a few drops of hydrochloric acid, fire officers and men continued to tank with cold water buck. Police on the South China Sea Road junction optical switch to tea, the implementation of traffic control, closed to traffic.

half an hour later, a large crane arrived, but did not move the tanker is still leaking. Car roof was crushed, people can not see from the outside.

exceeded 10 times the emergency transfer of hydrogen chloride hydrochloride

the emergency department of environmental protection, Nanshan District, came to the scene at 1:00, after tests showed the concentration of hydrogen chloride tanker than normal under the direction of 1.8 mg / m exceeded 10 times discount gucci shoes, the scene began to evacuate the surrounding masses.

described the presence of Dr YEOH Nanshan Environmental Protection Agency, oil tanker in the amount of nearly 10 tons of hydrochloric acid, if the suspension was washed dynamic process of opening the valve, all leaks will have to transfer the residents within a radius of 1 km. For security reasons, the environmental protection department decided to shift out of first tanker in hydrochloric acid, and then hanging tanker is to save people.

15:18, tanker catheter within the hydrochloric acid is used to export fifty-six t, the pressure in the car for nearly four hours on the tanker was finally slowly stand up.

regret cutting car driver killed in rescue

Southern reporter saw cars almost pressed into cakes, fire officers and men broke down the front windshield with a stick, cut with a cutting machine On the left side of the door, sixty-seven men off the roof, it will be pressure on the inside of the driver Liming Xiong hold out.

Liming Xiong’s sister introduced my brother from his home deep in Sichuan to 10 years, an investment builder in Baoan do in charge of labor and materials. inspection, then announced his death. Several colleagues of the deceased came to the scene, they said the crash site is only three kilometers from the site, just 10 minutes by car.

yesterday at 4 pm and Inclined broad surge in light rain, water gathered on the scene, Nanshan District Environmental Protection Bureau of the workers thrown into the water in the bags of caustic soda to neutralize the acidity of them.

recovery after treatment, hydrochloric acid were all within the export tanker, the car will be given to the traffic police department.

After the incident, tanker driver was taken away by police investigation. Cause of the accident is still under investigation.

11 时 40 points, a tanker loaded with concentrated hydrochloric acid switch to tea in the South Boulevard Light Road Interchange under the roll, press and hold a black car.

12 时 10 points, oil tanker at a white mist rising Guankou, fire officers and men to get uninterrupted water cannon to spray cold water Guankou.

13, the environmental protection department under the direction of hydrogen chloride tests showed concentrations of tankers exceeding 10 times, on-site emergency evacuation crowd.

15 时 18 minutes, hydrochloric acid is used in catheter tanker export fifty-six t, the tanker was lifted. Fire rescue officers and men of cutting car door, the driver was rescued, was killed.

16 when the water gathering on the scene, the EPA diluted sewage workers with caustic soda to prevent pollution. Traffic police in cleaning up after the completion of follow-up, traffic returned to normal.

(Baoliao Person: Mr. Wan Wu rebellion charges: the 100)

(Editor: SN005)

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